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Our passion is evident through conception to execution of newly innovative products that lead the category. We are committed to our work from start to finish ensuring its execution through the product life cycle. We have the skills and experience to analyze market trends and digitally investigate what is needed to ensure success. 

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Co-Creator of the ONE bar that has proven to be one of the most disruptive brands that has hit the functional food category in just 5 years. 

I defined, mapped and accelerated the ONE bar brand through digital market execution, innovative branding, SEM, SMO and website optimization resulting in a recent acquisition by Hershey’s for $400MM.




Creator of the ROCK Bar through market research executed in South America, Europe and Asia to ensure its path to market was a success. 

The focus behind development of the ROCK Bar was to dominate international markets with its true candy bar like taste and disruptive packaging. 

It was imperative  to understand and adapt to the international consumer appose ensuring the overall design and execution was a true success.   


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Co-Creator of Red Eye Coffee House, a coffee inspired apparel line. The most unusual story about a most unusual brand. Red Eye Coffee House is an emerging fashion line that embraces a culture inspired by everything that is coffee.


From our unique designs, creative packaging to a lifestyle that drives us to live on purpose instead of letting life happen to us.




I create all apparel and memorabilia for 4x-Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler. 

Based in the USA we sell Jay's merchandise from autographed posters, daily casual wear to many other products. We strive on customer service and do our best to show our appreciation to all of the amazing fans around the world


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